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About Aluminum Fence Specialists

Buddy the German Shepherd needed a fence.

When people ask us how we got our start or why we are in business the answer is always "Buddy." Our founder -- beloved son, brother, and uncle, James Dougherty -- had an enormous German Shepherd named Buddy who loved chasing tennis balls.

Jim, however, did not love chasing Buddy.

Tired of the chase, Jim started researching fence products and knew that he would need a strong, durable fence to keep Buddy safe. After much research, he came across the Ultra Aluminum fence brand. So, close to 15 years later, the love for one dog was the catalyst for who and what we are today.

After contacting Ultra and, because he was the entrepreneurial type, Jim started a close working relationship with Ultra Aluminum Manufacturing on some other fronts. As time went on, Jim became more and more impressed with Ultra and the superiority of its brand.

With the opportunity to sell Ultra's products, and a growing trend toward Internet-based businesses, Jim recognized that being an Internet dealer was a smart choice. Jim believed that, in order to be relevant in business in this ever-changing world of technology, you had to be on the Internet.

Researching and buying products on the web has now become a way of life. With this, Jim's goal was to provide homeowners who were looking for exceptional products at fair prices with an opportunity to buy the Ultra brand. But, as our business has grown, we sell not only to homeowners but also to installers and contractors all over the United States.

In 2011, Jim very suddenly passed away. We were shocked and heartbroken and felt lost without him, but we carried on. We knew it was exactly what he would have wanted.

With close to 15 years of success under our belts now, we have watched many other Internet dealers come and go. Some have even tried to stand on our shoulders and replicate what we have done, but there is only one Aluminum Fence Specialists, and we strive to be the best. There are many brands of aluminum fencing out there, but they are not all created equal. We credit much of our success to our long-standing relationship with Ultra Aluminum Mfg., to our second-to-none customer service, and to all of Jim's hard work and dedication.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are proud of how we started and, in honor of our late founder, Jim Dougherty, we will continue to carry out his vision.

In loving memory, we dedicate our newly designed website to Jim and Puppers. We love and miss you both every day. There are probably no fences where you are, but if there were, we are certain it would be an Ultra Fence™.

Buddy ("Puppers") 2001-2008

James Dougherty 1950-2011