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Ultra Fence™ brand features

Aluminum Fence Specialists offers the industry exclusive Ultrarail™ by Ultra Aluminum. The Ultrarail™ is designed and manufactured with 20% more aluminum in each rail, with a full 8 ribs inside.

ultra rails

Ultra's aluminum fence panels are designed and manufactured with its industry exclusive UltraRail™. The contoured shape (shown above) creates an attractive and elegant look compared to the plain, square U-channel rails of other fence brands.

Also, Ultrarail's™ exclusive internal ribbing provides additional strength and rigidity to Ultra's standard line of fencing in the residential, commercial and industrial grades (shown above). All of Ultra's standard lines of fencing -- residential, commercial and industrial -- are available in the Premium series grades. The Premium series offers a reinforced double-wall rail with hidden fasteners (shown above in industrial, far right).

Pickets for the ultimate in aluminum fence style

ultra pickets

Ultra's square aluminum fence pickets come in three sizes: 5/8" (residential), 3/4" (commercial) and a full 1" (industrial).

Pickets are shown in relative sizes. In addition to the size, the thickness of the walls of each picket differs. They range from .050” for residential to .062" for industrial.

Not all decorative pressed spears are created equal

spear tops

Ultra's standard spear top picket is a perfect example of Ultra's higher standard of quality. Notice the difference in the shape and proportions of the spears used on Ultra fences (shown on left) versus those typical of other brands (shown on right). Ultra puts more dimension into its version; the more pronounced ribs add structural integrity as well as architectural appeal.

The standard spear-top look can be further enhanced by requesting a quad-finial or tri-finial in place of the standard spear.

Visit the accessories page for more details.

High-strength Ultrum™ Alloy, made in the USA


Ultrum™ is as strong as steel but will never rust. Ultrum™ is a 6005-T5 alloy, with a minimum ultimate strength of 35,000 PSI.

All gates are fastened and 100% welded at all connections and joints


Ultra’s aluminum gates are fully welded for maximum strength and lasting rigidity. Aluminum walk gates, drive (double) gates, and rolling channel (estate) gates are designed to match each aluminum fence style that Ultra manufacturers.

Gates are offered in standard sizes or can be manufactured in exact widths to span walkways or fit between existing columns. Decorative arching on walk gates (single leaf gate) up to 6’ wide is offered as a free feature. You can add arching on gates larger than 6’ for a modest upcharge.

Powercoat™ finish: Panels, gates, posts, and designer accessories

POwder Coating

When applied, Powercoat™ is twice the thickness and hardness of a typical acrylic, baked enamel, or “wet paint” finish, making it more durable and scratch resistant than other coatings.

With its better UV performance, the Powercoat™ finish is more fade resistant than other coatings.

Ultra's Powercoat™ finish is unconditionally guaranteed for life.

Available in nine standard colors


Ultra’s nine standard colors are offered for the same price: black, satin black, bronze, satin bronze, beige, satin khaki, white, satin white and forest green.

Satin colors have a slightly textured finish with no shine.

Standard colors have a smooth finish with a subtle shine.

All colors are applied with Ultra's exclusive Powercoat™ finish to resist weather extremes.

Order lead times are not the same for all colors.

Sample colors are approximate and for illustration only. Free color samples and brochures are available.