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How to buy your new Ultra aluminum fence

For close to 15 years, Aluminum Fence Specialists has succeeded in making aluminum fence purchases a simple and enjoyable process. The information contained here will help you make an informed buying decision. If at any time you have further questions, please call 1-888-867-7995 to speak to a fence specialist.

  1. First, choose whether you need a residential/commercial fence, an industrial fence, or a fence for a pool, and view the styles for that type of fencing.
  2. Once you have found the style you like, you should then do a measurement drawing. This is quite easy and does not have to be anything fancy. A measuring tape, a piece of paper and a pencil are all that you need. See the measuring page for more information.
  3. Once you know how many feet of fencing you need and the size and placement of gates, you can use the simple free quote form to submit a list of what you need. If there are any details of which you are not sure, don't worry! Aluminum Fence Specialists will make sure you get everything you need to complete your project.
  4. Upon receipt of your request, one of our knowledgeable fence specialists will prepare a free, custom quote for your specific project, then send it to you by email or fax (your choice). All quotes show every line item right down to the screws -- no automated guesswork!
  5. After you review your quote, you can e-mail your fence specialist directly with questions, changes, etc. or simply call 1-888-867-7995 for further assistance.
  6. Once your quote is finalized for your exact needs and you are ready to purchase, please call 1-888-867-7995 and ask for the fence specialist who prepared your quote. To place your order you will need to provide your billing address, shipping address and credit card info. Credit cards are only taken over the phone for your absolute safety; never email your credit card information to anyone. See our privacy policy for more information.
  7. Lastly, you'll receive an order confirmation, via email or fax for your signature. Once signed, please email or fax the form back to Aluminum Fence Specialists. Once your signed confirmation is received, it will be submitted to Ultra Aluminum Mfg. Delivery lead times depend on the time of year and may range from as little as 7-10 business days (winter) to about 10-14 business days (summer).

Aluminum Fence Specialists wants to ensure that all of your questions are answered. You can call or email at any time during the process. There is no obligation to buy!