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Measuring for your new Ultra aluminum fence and gates

Measuring for your new aluminum fence is easy. You can use a tape measure or rolling measuring wheel to determine linear footage. A rough sketch of your layout is important to ensure material count accuracy.

hand drawn

You may submit a hand-drawn sketch or a computer drawing of your layout. Either drawing should contain the length (in linear feet) of each fence "run" and the width of each gate opening.

It's important to show the general placement of your gates in the fence run. Post configuration can change depending on where your gate is placed. If your yard is not level, please indicate on the drawing where you have sloping, because you will need rackable panels to accommodate these areas. Your measurement drawing will help to determine the number of fence panels, the number and types of posts and gates, and even the number of screws that you'll need.

Send us a drawing

computer drawing

Scan your drawing and fax it to 717-754-0137, or email it.

If you choose to send a computer generated drawing (example left), common PC image formats such as .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .tif, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even some AutoCAD files are acceptable.

Aluminum fence measurements

When measuring your fence runs, always round up to the nearest foot. For example; 26' 3-1/2" should read 27'. All aluminum fence sections (panels) can be trimmed to fit; this is standard installation procedure.

Aluminum gate measurements within fence runs

Gates within fence runs do not necessarily have to be exact measurements unless you need to span a walkway. Gates are normally order in standard widths -- 36", 48", or 60" -- but can also be manufactured in custom widths to meet your project needs.

Aluminum gate measurements between existing columns or posts

Gate measurements should be exact if you are installing between existing posts or columns. Take an exact measurement of the opening to be filled from inside of post to inside of post or inside of column to inside of column. Sometimes aluminum gate posts need to be added between existing columns, the exact inside-to-inside measurement is still needed to determine the gate width. Deductions for gate posts will be made by your fence specialist. Gate measurements can be taken in feet or inches, and should never be round to the nearest foot.

When manufactured, the size of your gate will always be a bit smaller than the actual opening to allow for the latch and hinges. The gate, including latch and hinges, will be the exact width you requested.

Gate Measurement

Example: If you have existing posts and the distance between the two is exactly 48", you'll receive a gate with a latch and hinges that will fit that space entirely. The gate width alone will not be 48"; if it were, it would be too wide once the latch and hinges were added.