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Ultra Signature™ railing

Signature™ railing, Ultra Aluminum’s line of handrailing, is ICC (International Commercial Code) compliant, making it strong enough for any home or commercial application. Signature™ handrailing is manufactured with 3/4” pickets and two-piece rails that can withstand even more lateral force than code requires. In addition, the top rail provides a secure hand grip and completely covers all stainless-steel fasteners for a sleek, hidden-fastened look.

Railing sections come in standard 3’ and 3-1/2’ heights x 6’ width when flange-mounted, and they come in standard 8’ widths when core drilled. Custom widths are available.

Signature™ railing is a safe, smart choice for any porch, walkway, or balcony and is simple to connect and install. Available in nine standard colors: black, satin black, bronze, satin bronze, beige, satin khaki, white, satin white, and forest green.

As with all of Ultra’s aluminum products, Signature™ handrailing is also protected with its Powercoat™ finish, a durable finish that is typically twice as thick as most other types of paints and enamels. The Powercoat™ finish carries a lifetime warranty.

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Aluminum handrailing styles

UAR 200 2 Rail

UAR 200 2 Rail

The ideal railing for staircases, this two-rail design offers clean, simple lines

UAR 200 3 Rail

UAR 200 3 Rail

This three-rail design offers a sturdy, uniform look

UAR 250 3 Rail

UAR 350 3 Rail

This durable three-rail design combines mid- and top-rail-length pickets

UAR 250 3 Rail with Spears

UAR 350 with spears

With the added touch of spears, this three-rail design offers a more sophisticated look

Handrail top profiles post to post

  • Franklin: 1.337" H x 2.250" W 0.080" thickness
  • Jefferson: 1.337" H x 2.250" W 0.080" thickness
  • Madison: 1.601" H x 2.000" W 0.080" thickness
  • Hamilton: 2.488" H x 1.716" W 0.080" thickness

* Product pictures displayed on Aluminum Fence Specialists’ site are for style reference only. Accessories shown are not standard.