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About pool safety fence and BOCA code

It is also a good idea to check with your homeowners insurance company because they may have their own requirements. Aluminum Fence Specialists is not responsible if the fence you order does not meet your local codes.

The Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA) outline strong safety measures for swimming pool safety fences. Many communities throughout the country have adopted these standards as their own in an effort to minimize and, hopefully, eliminate accidental drowning of children. Note: The International Residential Code (IRC) has the same requirements for pool safety fencing. Ultra’s pool fences meet this code as well.

The most important requirements are as follows:

  • The fence must be at least 48" tall
  • The mid-rail must be at least 45" above the bottom rail. Some fence styles, if chosen, may have to be taller than 48" to meet this part of the code requirement
  • The spacing between pickets must be less than 4"
  • The space between the bottom rail and the ground must be less than 4"
  • The gate(s) must be self-closing TruClose®
  • The gate(s) must be self-latching MagnaLatch®
  • The gate(s) need to open out (away from the pool area)
  • The opening mechanism of the latch must be at least 54" above ground

The UAB 200 pool safety fences meet all these standards, as manufactured, as long as they are installed less than 4" above the ground.

The UAF 200 and UAF 250 residential fences can be modified as flush bottom to meet pool code requirements at 54” or taller. It is recommend that all pool fences be flush bottom, which means the lower rail is flush so no pickets are exposed at the bottom of the fence.

To meet BOCA safety codes, any spear top style must be at least 60" tall.